In the modern world, everything can be counterfeited, including vodka. The consequences of poisoning with low-quality alcohol are very serious, up to and including death. Therefore, it will be useful for everyone to know how to check the quality of vodka at home. We will now look at four of the most effective verification methods.

Determining the quality of vodka begins in the store with a visual inspection of the bottle. The label must be intact and well adhered. Well-known manufacturers protect their products with holographic signs, make sure they are available.

The prices for vodka of the same brand cannot differ greatly in different outlets. If you find a store where vodka is sold 30-50% cheaper, I advise you not to buy there. Most likely, this is a fake. Do not believe the fables that this is a drink stolen from the factory, not taxed, therefore, it is cheap. So they say in all stores selling a surrogate.

Shake the bottle well before buying. Large bubbles indicate a strong dilution of vodka with water. After shaking in normal vodka, a “snake” of small bubbles should appear.

Already purchased vodka is checked according to the following indicators:

1. Smell. Having poured the first glass of vodka, be sure to hold it in your hands for 1-2 minutes and smell the contents. It should not smell out of the pile with acetone or anything else, only the smell of alcohol.

2. Weight. One liter of forty-degree vodka should weigh exactly 953 grams. First, the bottle is weighed separately, and then the purchased vodka is poured into it and weighed again. After subtracting the weight of the bottle, we get the net mass of vodka. If it approximately (plus or minus five grams) corresponds to 953 grams, this is high-quality vodka.

3. Conflagration. Pour slightly heated vodka into the lid and light it with a match. Good vodka burns with a light blue flame, bad vodka does not burn at all or flashes like gasoline.

4. Cold. An hour before the feast, vodka should be placed in the freezer, setting the temperature to -18-30 ° C. Fake vodka will freeze or form ice crystals. If this happened to your bottle, throw it away, you cannot drink such vodka.