Vodka is able to highlight the advantages and hide the disadvantages of any dish. Each admirer of this drink has his own opinion on the best way to eat vodka. Snacks are not food, they are part of our culture. Foreigners who have lived in Russia do not even try to translate this word into their native language, they just say “zakuska”.

Vodka can be drunk with any food, excluding sweet dishes. For a friendly male company, a good snack will be a piece of bacon, a head of garlic and a loaf of black bread. In severe cases, you can even get by with one apple for three, but this is already extreme.

It is better to start eating vodka with hearty hot dishes, and then gradually move on to cold ones. In combination with vodka, pickles, mushrooms and fish are especially good. Well, green onions and herring are perfect for vodka and hot boiled potatoes.

Connoisseurs of the feast divide the vodka snack into three types:

  • Nutritious dishes (hot meat, fried fish) – are eaten first, their task is to remove an unpleasant aftertaste in the mouth and a burning sensation in the throat after drinking vodka.
  • Enveloping dishes (salads, soups, hot sauces) – it is better to try them when you are a little satiated. These snacks reinforce the taste of the previous step and slow down the intoxication. It is recommended to take a short break between eating nutritious and enveloping meals.
  • Washing dishes (mushrooms, pickles, vegetable pickles) – prepare the body for a new intake of vodka, refreshing the taste. Served last.

PS Not only people, but also dogs can drink and eat vodka. In the next video, Dick the dog shows his skill :).