Experts distinguish vodka varieties depending on the degree of alcohol purification and production technology. Knowing them, you can easily navigate the assortment when choosing a drink. We will consider only those varieties that have already managed to positively recommend themselves.

Last time we found out that there are only two types of vodkas : ordinary and special. It is more difficult to deal with vodka varieties, since there are much more of them. Domestic producers, having only slightly changed the recipe and technology, immediately consider their product to be a new unique variety of vodka. In this situation, it is advisable to consider only those varieties that were developed back in the USSR.

Moscow special – is considered the vodka standard, the strength is 40%, it is made only from alcohols of the “extra” and “luxury” class (of the highest quality).

Russian – alcohol of the highest purity and specially prepared water are used for cooking. This vodka is also considered a reference, but its quality is somewhat lower than that of Moskovskaya. The standard fortress is 40%.

Starorusskaya – made according to an old recipe from high quality alcohol and drinking water. This variety has a characteristic vodka aroma; it is preferred by true connoisseurs of vodka.

Stolichnaya is considered one of the best Russian vodkas in the world. It differs from other varieties in softness, refined aroma and absence of impurities. The fortress varies from 37 to 42 degrees.

Wheat – made from selected wheat raw materials. The taste is mild without any third-party flavors, the strength is 40%.

Posolskaya is an elite variety of strong vodka made from extra-class alcohols. Differs in crystal transparency and complete absence of smell.

Lemon – vodka with a pronounced lemon scent, overwhelming the taste of alcohol. Thanks to this feature , women like lemon vodka very much, the strength is standard.

Kuban – in addition to water and alcohol, there are other additives in the composition: citric acid, orange and sugar syrup. Kuban vodka has a mild, slightly bitter taste and a pronounced aroma of citrus fruits. Fortress – 40%.

Siberian vodka is a traditional Russian vodka made according to the standard technology and has a higher alcohol content – 45%.

Jubilee – refers to the varieties of strong vodka, as it has a high alcohol content – 45%.

Strong – the name speaks for itself. This vodka contains 56% alcohol. It is advised to drink it only to those who have previously consumed less alcohol-containing vodka, otherwise the consequences can be unpredictable. Do not treat foreigners with “Strong” vodka!

Pepper is famous for a wide range of additives, the main of which is pepper. The alcohol content varies between 30-40%.

Extra – for the preparation of this type of vodka, ethyl alcohol is used, which has passed all stages of purification. Depending on the recipe, other flavor-enhancing components may be added to the composition along with the drinking water.

Hunting is not a classic vodka, as it has a high alcohol content – up to 56%.

Canteen – experts consider this vodka to be of the highest grades. Differs in a high degree of purification and mild taste, standard strength.

In addition to the aforementioned varieties, there are others: “Petrovskaya”, “Prazdnichnaya”, “Rossiyskaya”, “Zubrovka”. They have no distinctive features, the only difference is in the name.

From time to time, new varieties of vodka appear in Russia. For example, Gold of Russia, Imperial, For Three, Kalashnikov, Olympus and Smirnov. In their production, the most modern technologies are used (as the manufacturers assure). But it is too early to talk about the popularity of these varieties.