There are thousands of cognac producers in the world, but only a few of them managed to become famous and respected. We take a look at 8 of the best brands to follow. These are recognizable brands that have written down the name of their creators in history and brought substantial fortunes to their descendants.

1. Hennessy (Hennessy) – the most famous cognac house in the world. It is part of the Louis Vuitton luxury goods holding – Moët Hennessy. With a production volume of 50 million bottles per year, it ranks first in the world in the sale of cognacs.

The company was founded by an Irish officer Richard Hennessy. After retiring in 1745, he settled in the city of Cognac, where he began his own production. At first, his cognacs were liked by the nobles at the court of Louis XVI, and after several decades the Hennessy brand was known throughout Europe.

2. Rémy Martin (Remy Martin) – the second largest cognac house in France, founded in 1695 by a young winemaker Remy Martin. The brand is currently owned by the Rémy Cointreau Group.

3. Augier – the oldest cognac house in the world, founded in 1643. The products are characterized by stable production technology. In Ogier, craftsmen use only ancient recipes.

4. Bisquit (Bisquit) – this cognac house was founded in 1819 by the twenty-year-old Alexander Bisquit. Products are supplied to the United States, Great Britain, Germany and other countries. In 1965, the brand and vineyard plantations were bought by the Pernod-Ricard company. Since then, Bisquit cognac harmoniously combines the traditions of aging and modern production technology.

5. Camus (Camus) – the brand has existed since 1863, it still belongs to the descendants of the founder Jean Baptiste. This cognac house has 125 hectares of vineyards throughout France. Previously, Camus cognacs were supplied to the royal courts of Europe, now they are considered elite and are sold only in expensive specialized stores.

6. Courvoisier (Courvoisier) – cognac house, founded by Emmanuel Courvoisier. It was the cognacs of this brand that Napoleon Bonaparte drank. After the defeat of the emperor at Waterloo, British officers tried Napoleon’s favorite cognac for the first time. Since then, Emmanuel Courvoisier has also supplied his cognacs to England.

This cognac house has its own production technology, which does not involve distillation. Alcohol is extracted not from grapes, but from finished wine. In the cellars of the Courvoisier cognac house there are over 3 thousand bottles aged over 200 years.

7. Davidoff (Davidoff) – the company began its history with the sale of its own cigarettes. In 1964, it was founded by the son of Kiev emigrants, Zino Davidoff, whose family worked all their lives in a tobacco factory.

Very soon Davidoff cigarettes and cigars became a symbol of sophistication and refined taste. Cognac Davidoff appeared as an addition to cigars. It comes in exclusive bottles and is made from Hennessy spirits. This drink is for very wealthy gentlemen, it can be purchased only in elite stores.

8. Delamain – in 1824 this cognac house was founded by James Delamain – an English nobleman who owned his own estate in France. First of all, Delamain brandies are known for their light color and unsurpassed fruit taste. These are drinks for true connoisseurs.

Experts consider the most famous brands of domestic cognac (grape brandy): Moskovsky, Kutuzov, Shustov, Ararat, Bagration, Noy and Bely Aist. But they are still far from well-known French manufacturers.