Strongly carried away by alcoholic beverages, a person gradually enters into a binge without even noticing it. This condition occurs as a result of drinking alcohol for a long time (from two days to three months). Its main reason is trying to treat a hangover with a new drink. To help yourself or a loved one, you need to know how to get out of the binge yourself at home. We will look at effective smoking methods.

It is best to get out of binge in specialized clinics under the supervision of doctors. But due to various circumstances, mainly financial, not everyone has such an opportunity. In this case, you can try to solve the problem yourself by resorting to folk remedies.

Attention! The implementation of the recommendations below does not guarantee a quick exit from the binge. The site administration is not responsible for the possible consequences. You use these methods at your own risk. Self-medication can be dangerous, consult your doctor.

Getting out of binge at home

1. Desire to end binge drinking. The drinker must recognize the problem and decide for himself to quit drinking. No arguments and reproaches from relatives will help here. Without the willpower and desire of the patient, even doctors are powerless.

2. Gradually reduce the dose of alcohol. A sharp refusal from alcohol with binge is fraught with serious consequences up to death, since the body is in a state of shock. This is comparable to the withdrawal symptoms of drug addicts.

To get out of a long binge, doctors recommend giving up strong alcoholic beverages, replacing them with beer. For 2-3 days, all eaten food is washed down with a small amount of beer (100-150 ml). This is followed by a complete rejection of alcohol, but the amount of food should remain the same. Only after three weeks can the amount of food consumed be reduced.

3. Ammonium alcohol. The first 2-3 days of getting out of binge at home, you need to drink a glass of water with 4-5 drops of ammonia before eating. This will help prevent stomach upset.

4. Drink plenty of fluids. Sweet tea, kvass, mineral or plain water, sour natural juices and even pickles are suitable. In water, you can still dilute the mint tincture in a proportion of 20 drops per glass of water.

5. Medicines. To relieve hard drinking you will need: activated charcoal, Essentiale and vitamins. These drugs are taken as directed. Activated charcoal is drunk two tablets three times a day. Medication helps the body get rid of toxins and keep the body in good shape.

6. Vivid emotions and workload. In a binge state, it is very important to distract yourself from thoughts of alcohol. To do this, psychologists advise loading yourself with chores for several days in advance.

When you get out of a binge on your own, some experts recommend raising the adrenaline level in your blood – jumping with a parachute or doing other extreme sports. But this method is only suitable for people in good health who do not have cardiovascular diseases.

These tips have helped many people get out of the binge. But not every drinker has enough willpower to go through this difficult path to the end. If you cannot cope with the problem on your own, it is better not to waste time and seek help from doctors.