Until recently, no one made a rating of the best vodkas in the world. Only in 2011, a company engaged in the supply of vodka to the United States held a similar competition. Thanks to her efforts, we can name the best vodka in the world according to American consumers and experts. There are many Russian manufacturers on the list, but the French brand took the lead.

The experts in this competition were representatives of the wine industry, professional tasters and ordinary consumers. Each brand was evaluated by 30-40 people. The balls were exhibited according to the following criteria: taste, aroma, clarity, mouthfeel and appearance of the bottle. The results of the competition will seem strange to many Russians, but do not forget that the rating was compiled by American experts and consumers, and their taste preferences differ in many respects from ours.

15 of the best vodkas in the world:

1. Gray Goose (France) – the winning vodka is made from selected grains of the French province of Cognac and water from the famous Gente spring. The drink goes through a natural process of cleaning with limestone and distillation in small batches five times. Experts believe that due to its high quality, the Gray Goose brand will become the world’s best-selling vodka in a few years.

2. Crystall (Russia) – fine vodka taste is achieved thanks to special additives. The production uses only “Lux” class alcohol and a specially developed carbohydrate module “Alcosoft”. The acidity regulator is malic acid.

3. Krolewska (Poland) – the best grains and water in Poland put the Krolewska brand in third place. This vodka amazed the experts with the exquisite design of its bottle.

4. Youri Dolgoruki (Russia) – prepared according to the classic vodka recipe. It contains only the best ingredients and special additives to improve and soften the taste.

5. Finlandia (Finland) is a quality Finnish vodka with a balanced taste that has long conquered the American market.

6. Jewel of Russia (Russia) – is made from alcohol of wheat rusks, also contains microscopic pieces of gold foil, fructose and lactose. The unconventional production technology was highly appreciated by experts.

7. Vincent (Holland) – this vodka is made only in small batches from wheat and barley. It goes through two stages of distillation, which softens the taste of alcohol.

8. Rain (USA) – made from corn. For filtration, diamond dust and coal are used. This vodka has practically no taste.

9. Ketel One (Holland) – traditional Dutch vodka.

10. 3 Olives (England) – the top 10 best vodkas are closed by the English brand, which has shown good results.

11. Russian Standard (Russia) – selected grain and water from lakes allowed the Russian Standard brand to take a high place in the rating.

12. Vox (Holland) – high quality vodka based on the best alcohols.

13. Stolichnaya (Russia) – almost all our compatriots know about this brand of vodka, it does not need a separate introduction.

14. Vermont Spirits White (USA) – the experts put this brand only in 14th place. It is not yet included in the top ten vodka producers.

15. Absolut (Sweden) – a well-known Swedish brand, which unexpectedly found itself in a low position for itself, closes the list of winners. The shape of her bottle resembles a medical bottle.

Based on the presented rating, Crystall is the best vodka in Russia, and 4 more brands are in the top 15. But this is the opinion of the Americans, we have not yet held such authoritative contests. Polls for 2013-2014 show that in Russia the leading brands are Stolichnaya, Finlandia and Graf Ledoff, but it is impossible to verify the completeness and veracity of these data.