Among beer lovers, disputes about the best beer do not cease, everyone defends their favorite brand. The famous magazine “Beers of the World” decided to say its weighty word by defining the best beer in the world. I suggest that you familiarize yourself with the results of the competition.

The editorial board of the magazine gathered an international panel of judges, which during its work evaluated more than a hundred varieties of beer from the USA, Australia and Europe. In the final part of the competition, the winner was determined by the blind tasting method.

Four brands of bottled beer received the prestigious Best in the World status in various nominations. Winners:

  • wheat beer – Kaltenberg Konig Ludwig Weissbier;
  • ale – Tripel Karmeliet;
  • lager – Primator Exkluziv, 16%;
  • stout (porter) – Rogue Shakespeare Stout.

I have not seen any of these brands on the shelves of our stores, so it is rather problematic to try them in Russia.

In his closing remarks, the chairman of the panel of judges noted that the experts were amazed by the highest quality of the presented beer, it was very difficult to determine the best brand. Modern brewers experiment with different flavors, their assortment will pleasantly surprise even the most demanding gourmets.