Conversations about the benefits of alcoholic beverages irritate the supporters of a sober lifestyle, they refuse to admit this fact, claiming that alcohol is harmful. But scientists at Yale University were able to prove the benefits of red wine and its positive effects on the body as a whole. True, there are several nuances in this matter that need to be taken into account.

Quality. Only high-quality red dry wines are useful. If you go to the store to buy the cheapest wine there, then don’t dream of its benefits. Most likely, this is a mixture of alcohol, dyes and flavors, which in its essence is not wine.

Quantity. In countries with a developed alcoholic culture, drunk wine is considered to be glasses, while in our country it is considered to be bottles. That is why they talk about its benefits, and we talk about harm.

Restrictions. Red wine is not good for everyone. In many chronic diseases, it is contraindicated, especially if a person is taking medications. In this case, it is better to consult your doctor.

Red wine is rich in vitamins C, B, B2, B6, PP, minerals, iodine, manganese, sodium, titanium, potassium and phosphorus. These substances stimulate the body’s metabolism, improving overall well-being. The tannins contained in the drink make the vessels elastic. Red wines soothe, relieve stress, stimulate appetite and eliminate cholesterol. There was even a new direction in treatment – wine therapy.

Even dry red wine has a positive effect on tooth enamel. It makes it harder for bacteria to stick to teeth and gums, preventing tooth decay from developing. Interestingly, white wine, on the other hand, is harmful to the teeth, as its high acidity irritates the enamel. To neutralize this acid, white wines should be eaten with hard cheeses.

Some experts believe that red wine helps fight cancer, but this hypothesis has not yet been proven.