Our civilization got acquainted with alcohol over 6 thousand years ago, since then it has become an integral part of the life of millions of people and even entire cultures. Many of us have never thought why our friends, relatives and ourselves drink alcohol. It’s time to look into this issue.

There are several basic reasons for drinking alcohol, they are as follows:

1. Desire to relax

Stress and nervous tension began to pursue modern man everywhere. After work or school, we have little time to recover and relax. Sometimes you just want to forget about all the troubles and tune in to the “positive wave”.

But quickly changing your emotional state is very difficult. In this case, alcoholic beverages come to the rescue, which for a while allow a person not to remember about life’s difficulties. Whatever the sobriety fighters say, alcohol can be used as an antidepressant. The main thing is not to abuse (to relax with alcohol once or twice a month), the removal of everyday stress with alcohol leads to a hangover syndrome and alcoholism.

2. Trying to become bolder

There are individuals among us who suffer from various complexes and phobias. Having taken it on the chest, such people feel like real heroes, capable of doing great things (meeting a girl, dancing on the table, fighting with the first comer, etc.).

There are also more neglected cases when a person makes even serious decisions (getting a job, a deal in business) only after a few glasses of alcohol. In this situation, alcohol removes psychological constraints, but does not solve the very problem of insecurity. Therefore, insecure people need to learn to act decisively without the help of alcohol, here alcoholic drinks are more likely to harm than help.

3. The influence of society

Try to stay sober at weddings, anniversaries, and other celebrations. If in such cases you do not drink alcoholic beverages, you will be misunderstood and made an outcast. Any person is influenced by the environment in which he is. We try to imitate those around us, seeking their favor. This is human nature, you cannot argue with it.

We have two options. The first is to adapt (start drinking alcohol). The second is to change your environment. It is very difficult not to drink alcohol in a drinking company. You may not be made comments only out of politeness, but mentally everyone present will give your behavior a negative assessment.

4. Love for alcoholic beverages

There are people who like the smell, taste, or something else in alcohol. These are connoisseurs and gourmets who drink alcohol only for the pleasure of the process itself.

True connoisseurs know almost everything about their favorite alcoholic drink, and in many cases they can even prepare it on their own. It is in this group that the least number of alcoholics is found, since the process of drinking itself is important here, and not the consequences that occur after taking alcohol (good mood, lack of fear, etc.).

The situation when a person is in the last group is considered normal, in all other cases it is worth thinking about his behavior.