It is not uncommon for people to pour beer onto their laptop. An open bottle stands near the computer, but suddenly, with one careless movement, it falls over on the keyboard. None of us is immune from this annoying situation. I’ll tell you what to do to save my device. The tips are relevant for any liquid (water, coffee, juice, soda) that gets on your laptop.

You need to act quickly before the beer seeps through the keyboard and causes a short circuit in the electrical boards. You only have a few seconds (up to a minute) to minimize losses. If you do not have time, the price of the repair will unpleasantly surprise you.

Tips for the user who spills beer on a laptop

1. Immediately disconnect the power supply from the mains. To do this, it is better to unplug the cord directly from the laptop, rather than look for an outlet under the table, it will be faster.

2. If a lot of beer has spilled onto the device, the laptop is placed on its edge and the liquid is poured from the keyboard onto the table.

Then the battery is disconnected. I recommend that you find out in advance how this is done in your model, otherwise you will waste precious time. There is no need to worry about the correct shutdown of Windows, now it is more important to quickly de-energize the device itself.

3. If some beer is spilled on the laptop, then simply lift it up to disconnect the battery. Then the liquid is absorbed with wipes or cotton wool.

4. It remains to disconnect the backup battery (if installed) and remove the Real-time CMOS battery (desirable but not required). Only then is the laptop completely de-energized.

5. The device needs to be disassembled and thoroughly cleaned. If the leftover beer is not removed, the laptop will break down after a while due to electrochemical corrosion. The best option is to take it to a service center, where professionals will do the restoration.

A flooded laptop should not be rinsed with water and dried with a hairdryer; these actions will only aggravate the situation. For cleaning, alcohol or special chemicals are used.