In our country, alcohol poisoning is not uncommon. This can happen to each of us or our loved ones. The reason is not only in the large amount of alcohol consumed, even a little drinking person can be poisoned by low-quality (fake) alcoholic beverages. Therefore, everyone should know what to do in this situation.

First you need to determine whether a person has been poisoned by alcohol or is simply severely intoxicated.

Signs of alcohol poisoning:

  • glitter in the eyes.
  • redness of the face.
  • slower heart rate and increased sweating.
  • dilated pupils.
  • slow breathing, complete detachment from reality, vomiting appears in some cases.
  • loss of consciousness.

If you see these symptoms, act quickly and decisively, otherwise the person may fall into an alcoholic coma and die.

Procedure for alcohol poisoning

1. Call an ambulance.

2. Remove alcohol residues from the victim’s stomach so that they do not have time to be absorbed into the blood. To do this, induce vomiting by irritation of the root of the tongue or in other ways. The head of the poisoned person should be lowered down and tilted to the side.

You can not put a person on his back, as in this position he can choke on vomit or abundant saliva. Until the arrival of doctors, the victim should not be left unattended.

3. Try to bring the person to consciousness by providing blood flow to the head. To do this, the poisoned person is quickly rubbed his ears.

4. If the victim can perform swallowing movements, you should cleanse his stomach with a solution of soda. The concentration of the solution is one tablespoon of baking soda per liter of boiled water. After washing the stomach, a person needs to drink 8-10 tablets of activated carbon.

5. Neutralize the effect of alcohol with regular bee honey. The victim is given 100-200 grams of honey in two doses.

6. Deliver the poisoned person to the hospital so that doctors can accurately determine the degree of his poisoning and provide qualified assistance.

I hope that the knowledge of first aid to a person with alcohol poisoning will never be useful to you.

Attention! Self-medication can be dangerous, consult your doctor.