Thanks to social networks, and specifically VKontakte, a new term has appeared in our everyday life – “a compromise attitude towards alcohol.” Such an answer can be given in the column relating to the attitude towards alcoholic beverages. But not everyone understands what this expression really means.

First of all, let’s find out the meaning of the term “compromise” and its interpretation. Compromise is a way out of a disputable situation through mutual concessions of all interested parties. A compromise solution assumes that each of the conflicting parties abandons part of their demands and (or) claims in favor of a general consensus.

I wonder what compromises can be made with alcohol if it does not defend any beliefs? He doesn’t care if they drink him or not. In this case, it is correct to talk about an agreement with oneself, and not with alcoholic beverages.

Now let’s talk about why people say they have a compromise attitude towards alcohol. It’s very simple – this is the most neutral answer possible.

If you clearly express your negative attitude towards alcohol, then you may be misunderstood. In the eyes of others, you will become an ardent teetotaler who has no place at holidays with alcohol. In turn, by announcing your positive attitude towards drinking, you run the risk of sounding like the last alcoholic, ready to give everything in the world for a bottle.

A compromise attitude towards alcohol is the most veiled answer to the questionnaire of the VKontakte social network about tolerance for alcoholic beverages. Although there is almost no specifics in this answer, we recommend using it.

This answer avoids misunderstandings with friends and employers. Recently, it is employers who have been using social media to find information about employees or candidates. Your compromising attitude towards alcohol will not be interpreted as detrimental.