A person who smells of alcohol or fumes is not favored by the people around him. This is especially true for business and love relationships. The smell of alcohol can cause irreparable harm to your career or personal life, so you need to get rid of it quickly. Here modern and folk methods come to our aid.

Take care of your clothes before you start fighting the smell of alcohol from your mouth. It needs to be changed. Almost every fabric perfectly absorbs the smell of alcohol, only washing will help. Do not use deodorants, as this will only exacerbate the situation.

The following methods will help to kill the smell of alcohol from the mouth:

1. Brush your teeth well. This method has a short-term effect, but it is with it that you need to start. As a last resort, chewing gum will do.

2. Hyperventilation of the lungs. Take deep breaths in and out for 5 minutes. Exercising the lungs reduces the concentration of exhaled alcohol vapors, clearing the breath of the smell of alcohol.

3. Drink one tablet of Biotredin, Limontar or Glycine. If for some reason there were no such drugs in your home medicine cabinet, they can be replaced with 10-20 tablets of activated carbon, which also suppresses the unpleasant smell of fumes.

4. Chew nutmeg or parsley root. Although nutmeg and parsley give off a little bitterness, and it is not very pleasant to chew them, it is these spices that well get rid of the smell of alcohol.

5. If it didn’t work out with spices in the house, then ordinary coffee beans will do. Only after chewing them I recommend brushing your teeth, otherwise you will get into an unpleasant situation.

6. Special means. The people received the name “Antipolitsai”. They do not drown out the smell, but completely destroy its cause, clearing the breath. Now “Antipolitsay” is sold everywhere, it is not difficult to acquire it. Well, then just follow the instructions.

At least one or two of these methods are available in any situation, but they work for a limited time (up to 3 hours). The smell of alcohol completely disappears only with complete sobering up. That is why it is so important to control the amount of alcohol consumed on the eve of an important event.