The taste of any drink or dish is a very subjective concept that depends not only on the quality of the tasted product, but also on the individual characteristics of perception and even the mood of a person. The taste of beer is no exception, I propose to discuss the features.

First of all, the taste of beer depends on the mood in which a person is at the time of tasting the drink. The state of irritation or joy leads to completely different perceptions of the same brand of beer. A bad mood subjectively suffocates the taste, so I advise you to drink beer only in a good mood.

The next thing to look out for is the accompanying food and drink. The taste of beer depends on the snack that is served with it. A very spicy or sweet beer snack can neutralize the taste of even a very high-quality drink. Professional tasters are prohibited from eating spicy foods, smoking cigarettes, drinking tea and coffee, and even using perfumes. Cold appetizers are best suited for beer, you can serve meat, fish or cheese.

An important factor influencing the taste of beer is the raw material from which the drink is made. Although the production standards are the same in almost all breweries, even different batches brewed in the same plant can taste differently. The fact is that hops grown in the same field, but harvested at different times, give the drink its own unique flavor.

If, after drinking a glass of beer, bitterness is felt for more than 30 minutes, then the beer was bad. It is possible that during its production poor-quality hops were used or too much butanediol (a waste product of yeast) in the composition. In any case, you cannot call this beer healthy, and you should not drink it.

It is very important to drink beer chilled, but not too cold, otherwise “freeze” your receptors on the tongue, which are responsible for the perception of taste. The optimum temperature for serving beer is 5-8 ° C.

Experts note that the shape of the glass also plays an important role. Drinking beer from a bottle is wrong, as you lose the ability to assess the smell and color of the drink, and these are very important points of its perception.

Tulip-shaped glasses are great for beer.When pouring beer, hold the glass at a 45 degree angle and fill it halfway. Then it is placed vertically and filled with beer to the top. Thanks to this, a beautiful “beer cap” is formed, which evokes the feeling of a holiday.