According to statistics, every second resident of Russia has tasted beer at least once in his life. Many people liked its taste so much that now they are ready to drink beer every day. But excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to health. I advise you to remember the maximum allowable daily dose.

Beer can be viewed not only as an alcoholic beverage, but also as a food product. It contains vitamins and trace elements useful for the body. Beer is also lower in calories than fruit juices and cola because it does not contain sugar. Even special beer diets have been developed to help you lose weight.

The benefits and harms depend on the quantity and quality of the drink. Experts recommend healthy people without chronic diseases to drink no more than 0.5 liters of beer per day and to give it up at least twice a week. Moreover, the drink itself must be of high quality.

Not following this recommendation, you risk ruining your stomach with the remains of brewer’s yeast and harm the cardiovascular system. Also, do not forget about beer alcoholism. Addiction to low alcohol drinks develops several times faster than to strong alcohol.