You will need fresh, frozen or dried berries of any variety. Fresh blackberries must first be sorted out, removing spoiled and moldy fruits. Defrost the frozen berries and let the water drain. Dried add half as much as indicated in the recipe. You can make blackberry tincture on vodka, diluted alcohol or moonshine without an unpleasant fusel smell.


  • blackberries – 250 grams;
  • vodka (moonshine, alcohol 40-45%) – 0.5 liters;
  • sugar – 3 tablespoons;
  • mint – 4 leaves (optional);
  • lemon zest – from half a lemon (optional).

Only from berries the tincture turns out to be fresh, therefore, to improve the taste, I advise you to add zest and mint. The amount of sugar can be changed to taste or sweetened at the 5th stage after aging.

Blackberry tincture recipe

1. Put the washed berries into a jar.

2. Mash the mint leaves, grate the zest (the upper yellow part without white pulp) on a fine grater.

3. Add sugar, mint and zest to the berries. Pour with vodka, mix well. Close the lid tightly.

4. Insist 45-60 days in a warm, dark place. Shake every 5-7 days.

5. Strain the finished blackberry tincture through cheesecloth, pour into bottles and seal tightly.

Store in a refrigerator or basement. Shelf life up to 5 years. Approximate strength 28-34%.