Among lovers of alcoholic beverages, there are always people who, over time, cross the permitted line and cease to feel the measure. It seems to them that the situation is under control, but it is not. To avoid dire consequences, I advise you to read the tips to help you avoid becoming an alcoholic. All of these recommendations are suitable for any alcohol, regardless of its strength.

1. Drink alcohol in small, rare sips, counting their quantity. Try to drink each next glass or glass for more sips.

2. Take a break from the glass from time to time. You can listen to music, dance, chat with others, etc.

3. Enjoy the aromatic bouquet of the alcoholic drink, drink slowly and tastefully (if it is not vodka).

4. In the company, follow the example of those who drink slowly. Find such a person and start imitating him. For example, until he raises his glass, you do not raise yours.

5. Dilute alcohol with soft drinks – juice or non-carbonated water. Soda is not suitable, as it promotes rapid intoxication.

6. Have a good snack and never drink on an empty stomach.

7. Do not drink alcohol more than twice a week. This recommendation also applies to low alcohol drinks. For example, beer alcoholism develops faster than dependence on vodka or brandy.

8. Come to your favorite bar 1-2 hours later than you used to, and leave at the same time.

9. If you feel that you have already drunk your dose, refuse another drink, even if you are persistently asked to knock over another glass. Saying no is one of the most useful skills in an adult.