Brewers all over the world argue about which beer is better to drink: draft, bottled, in kegs, cans, etc. It is difficult for an inexperienced consumer to navigate and choose the best option. To facilitate this task, I propose to discuss the difference between bottled and draft beer.

Real live beer can be stored for up to 10 days, then its taste deteriorates. If the shelf life is more than 30 days on the label, this is a pasteurized beer in which some of the nutrients are irretrievably lost. Manufacturers also use chemical preservatives to increase shelf life, many of which are considered carcinogens.

It is believed that ordinary live beer is sold in bottles, it is just that instead of barrels it is poured into another container. But this is not the case. To increase the shelf life up to 90-120 days, any bottled beer is pasteurized – heated, and then quickly cooled. After pasteurization, the beer “freezes”, natural fermentation processes stop in it, which negatively affects the taste.

Draft beer made according to the classical technology is never added to chemicals. Immediately after preparation, it is poured into barrels. Due to the sealing, the drink can be stored for up to 30 days, but most breweries recommend limiting it to 7 days.

Unfortunately, not all beer in barrels is live. There are unscrupulous manufacturers who add preservatives to it. There is only one solution to this problem – to drink beer of proven brands brewed nearby (in your own or a neighboring city). This will reduce the likelihood of drinking harmful chemical additives with beer. It may not be the best beer in the world, but you will be sure of its quality.

Another interesting point – the fullness of the beer taste is revealed only in the glass. The fact is that through the narrow neck of the bottle, the liquid enters only a small part of the receptors on the tongue, and the taste is felt incompletely.

Bottled beer is best drunk when you want to taste a particular brand. For example, we do not have live German beer on sale, since it is not profitable to bring it to us. In all other cases, I recommend drinking draft beer. But it must be fresh and brewed according to traditional technology.