For some reason, there is a stereotype that beer can only be drunk cold. Most Russians would never even think of trying hot beer, although in Scandinavian countries it is customary to treat guests to this drink and treat colds. I propose to consider the most popular recipe for making homemade hot beer.

Historical reference

Hot beer was invented by the Scandinavians in the 15th century. Several centuries later the recipe was adopted by Poles and Germans. The latter used the brew as a cure for coughs and sore throats. Gradually, hot beer, along with mulled wine, became a traditional European drink for the winter holidays, replacing tea and coffee.

In order to get really tasty and healthy alcohol in moderation, it is not enough just to boil regular beer on the stove and pour it into a glass. Hot beer, called beer mulled wine, is prepared according to a special recipe.

The classic hot beer recipe


  • beer (any) – 1 liter;
  • sugar – 1-2 tablespoons;
  • carnation – 3-4 buds;
  • cinnamon – 1 pinch;
  • yolks – 3 pieces;
  • lemon – 1 piece;
  • orange peel to taste.


1. Heat beer to 70 ° C in a saucepan beer (light or dark) along with cinnamon, cloves and zest of one lemon.

2. Grind egg yolks with sugar until frothy and slowly pour into a pot of hot beer.

3. Reduce heat, stir constantly until the mixture thickens.

It is very important that the hot beer does not boil over again, otherwise the yolks will cook!

4. Remove the thickened drink from the stove, pour into large glasses, add orange zest if desired and serve.

When treating sore throats and coughs, I advise you to add a few tablespoons of honey to hot beer. The patient can drink 1 cup a day. Beer mulled wine tastes good and does not cause discomfort.

You should not listen to the opinion of people who believe that beer should only be cold. Most likely, they just never tasted hot beer and are captive to their stereotypes. Not everyone liked blue cheese either, but now it is an exquisite dish.