The struggle between alcohol drinkers and temperance fighters is gaining momentum. On the one hand, the advocates of alcohol tell us that alcohol in small doses is harmless, on the other hand, “teetotalers” scare them with horror stories about the harmful effects on the body and the emergence of addiction. Today we will figure out whether it is possible to drink alcohol and remain a sane person.

In the debate about the dangers and benefits of alcohol, everyone forgot the difference between medicine and poison, and it is only in dosage. In uncontrolled quantities, even the healthiest food becomes harmful. Alcoholic drinks are no exception.

Everyone knows that it is good to eat fruits, as they contain a lot of vitamins. But try eating a bucket of apples every day. The benefits will be small, and the negative consequences will not be long in coming. Another example is exercise every day until you are exhausted. How soon will you get sick? The answer is obvious. The situation is the same with alcohol.

Small doses of alcoholic beverages are either harmless or even beneficial. For example, one or two glasses of brandy relieve headaches in hypertensive patients. Wine and vodka can help solve some digestive problems. And the French have learned to cure colds with champagne.

Of course, there are diseases in which alcohol is unacceptable. But then contraindications also apply to other products, the harmlessness of which is beyond doubt for most people. For example, sugar for diabetics. It’s just that every person should know what he can and what not.

Alcoholic beverages are common foods. Their harm and benefit is determined by the frequency of use and the amount drunk. Yes, you can’t get too carried away, but a complete rejection of alcohol does not bring any benefit.

People prone to addictions, even with a complete ban on alcohol, “find” themselves in gambling, smoking, drugs, overeating, religious fanaticism or something else. It is necessary to solve the very problem of addiction, and not write off everything on the external manifestation of the consequences.

Our ancestors have been drinking alcohol for six thousand years, and this did not lead to the death of civilization. Therefore, there is no need to dramatize the situation around alcohol. Yes, there is a problem of alcoholism in Russia. One of its reasons is the lack of a culture of drinking alcoholic beverages, but prohibitions cannot correct the situation. Gorbachev’s “dry law” 1985-1987 proved it.