There are situations in life when, during the period of antibiotic treatment, a holiday with alcoholic beverages is planned. Conscious people who care about their health immediately have a question about the possibility of combining alcohol and antibiotics. Further we will analyze this topic in detail.

Most doctors do not doubt the fact that the compatibility of antibiotics with alcohol is impossible. True, there are also such doctors who believe that alcoholic beverages do not have a negative effect on the effectiveness of medicines. But they also do not recommend drinking alcohol along with antibiotics. The arguments are outlined below.

We understand that any medications are not completely harmless. By positively affecting one organ or system, they can negatively affect others. Alcohol intake during antibiotic treatment creates an additional burden on the entire body. There is a risk of aggravating the condition, especially if the person suffers from chronic diseases. In some cases, drinking alcohol with medication can trigger an allergy to alcohol .

In addition, even experienced chemists cannot predict the outcome of the interaction between antibiotics and alcohol. No pharmaceutical company in the world tests drugs for their reaction with alcohol. It is assumed that during the treatment period, patients will not drink alcohol. Chemical reactions can occur in the stomach that are not described in any chemistry textbook.

Takeaway: While taking antibiotics, alcohol can delay recovery, at best. In a difficult period for the body, doctors recommend refraining from drinking alcohol, since the risk is not justified. You will have time to drink your favorite wine, champagne, beer or vodka after your recovery. Then these drinks will bring you joy and benefits, but for now it is better to think about your health.