The minimum alcohol content in non-alcoholic beer makes it harmless, as many supporters of this drink believe. But in practice, everything is more complicated. Alcohol is not the only cause of health problems in those who are overly addicted to beer. Pregnant women and people with kidney disease need to be especially careful.

To begin with, let’s look at the difference between regular and non-alcoholic beer, it is insignificant. Non-alcoholic beer has a low alcohol content (maximum 0.5%), which makes it safe for drivers and others who cannot consume alcoholic beverages due to their occupation. In all other respects, non-alcoholic beer is no different from regular beer. Yes, its taste may be slightly different, since alcohol also affects the taste, but the composition of the foamy drink does not change.

The non-alcoholic version is produced by membrane or other filtration methods for conventional beers. Only alcohol is removed, all other useful and harmful substances remain in the drink. Therefore, the harm of non-alcoholic beer depends on the volume of its consumption.

If you drink liters of non-alcoholic beer every day, health problems will not take long. Because of the yeast and hops in the composition, any beer is harmful in large quantities. But if you use it in moderate doses – no more than 0.5 liters per day, taking a break 2-3 times a week, nothing bad will happen.

Non-alcoholic beer is harmful to pregnant women and people with chronic diseases of the kidneys, nervous and cardiovascular systems. Primarily due to preservatives, stabilizers and other chemicals in the composition.