The wine cellar is far from the only place where you can store wine. It is easy to create suitable conditions even in the most ordinary apartment. To do this, it is enough to control five important parameters.

1. Temperature conditions. The optimum storage temperature for wine is 10-15 ° C. Compliance with this rule not only preserves the quality of the drink, but also allows you to quickly prepare it for serving. White wines are served at 9-12 ° C, red wines at 15-17 ° C.

High temperature contributes to the rapid aging of wine, it loses freshness and subtlety of taste. With strong cooling, the drink stops ripening, its organoleptic properties deteriorate forever.

The wine should be protected from sudden temperature changes that spoil the cork. Otherwise, oxygen will enter the bottle, causing oxidation. The most vulnerable are champagne, rosé and white wines, the stability of their temperature regime is required.

2. Humidity. The room must maintain a constant humidity of 60-80%, which prevents the cork from drying out and the formation of mold.

3. Lighting. Wine should be stored in a dark place as bright light ages faster. Direct sunlight, which quickly spoils the taste of the drink, is especially dangerous. For storing champagne, the farthest corners are best, where a minimum of light penetrates.

4. Horizontal position. Wines with traditional cork are stored only horizontally so that the drink comes into contact with the cork and prevents it from drying out. The position of bottles with screw and silicone closures is not critical.

5. Complete rest. One of the most important conditions. The wine should not be exposed to vibration; for this, the bottles are securely fixed.

Opened wine can be stored in the refrigerator for up to 3 days (champagne – 1 day), provided that the bottle is tightly closed with a cork. But the quality of the drink will begin to deteriorate after a few hours. The exception is fortified and dessert wines (Jerez, Port, Madera, Sauternes). Due to their high sugar and alcohol content, they can be kept open for 5-7 days.