On the eve of a big celebration, when the presence of many guests is planned, vodka is usually bought not in bottles, but in boxes. When drawing up a procurement plan, it is important to know how many bottles of vodka are in one box and the approximate weight of such a box. Simple alcoholic arithmetic allows you to quickly calculate these values.

One standard box can hold 20 bottles of vodka with a capacity of 0.5 liters each. Now let’s determine the weight of this box, we need not only buy vodka, but also deliver the drink to the table.

A standard plastic vodka box weighs 1.7 kg and one empty bottle weighs 0.4 kg. Twenty bottles contain 10 liters of vodka, which is about 10 kg.

The total gross weight of a box of vodka is calculated as follows: 1.7 + (0.4 x 20) + 10 = 19.7 kg.

Conclusions: a standard box of vodka contains 20 bottles of 0.5 liters each. The weight of one box is 19.7 kg.