Giving alcoholic drinks has become very fashionable; it is a great way to express your respect or to thank a person for a service rendered. If you want to please a man with a present, then the best solution would be to give him cognac. I will tell you about the nuances that you need to pay attention to when choosing a gift cognac.

1. Price. I recommend buying a cognac that matches your financial situation and the wealth of the hero of the day. If you give an expensive cognac to a poor person, he will be very embarrassed, especially when he has to give you a return gift of about the same value.

2. Competence. The less the gifted person is versed in cognac, the cheaper the drink should be. Of course, you can look at the most famous brands of cognac , go to the store and choose one of the collection bottles of a reputable brand. But it is not a fact that the person who will be given such an expensive gift will appreciate it.

If he is not well versed in cognac, then all your efforts to choose a drink and the money spent on it will be wasted. Before buying, at least approximately find out the degree of competence of a person in alcoholic beverages.

3. Beautiful packaging. Gift cognac should have a beautiful bright bottle, suitable for the atmosphere of the celebration. It is the choice of bottle and packaging that must be approached with the utmost seriousness.

At first, a person evaluates the present emotionally, so a beautiful appearance is very important here. It is possible that the man you donated will not drink the cognac, but will pass it on to others (many of us do this). In this case, your gift will be remembered not for its exquisite taste, but only for its beautiful bottle.

4. Related products. A smoking man, together with cognac, can be presented with a set of good cigars, a non-smoker – cognac glasses. A good option for a woman is a beautiful box of chocolates, a bar of expensive chocolate, or a can of coffee. If you do not plan to open the gift and drink it with the hero of the day, then the accompanying present in the form of a snack (fruits, cheeses, etc.) will be inappropriate.

It is equally important to correctly present (donate) cognac, taking into account the situation and character of the person. But this is already another task that is solved individually, depending on the situation.